The beginning of new adventures! After collecting our Ural sidecar which had been attached to Paul's BMW F800GS

2016 New Horizons

2016 brings new adventures for us.  We are Rachel and Paul Sumner, and we are off to tour the United States, Central and South America.  The flights are booked on 20th June 2016, and the motorbike and sidecar that is to be our form of transport is to be at Heathrow on 27th May 2016.  Exciting!


Before we head off headlong into the tour, we are planning a month long ride around Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.  This is to give us time to get used to the new machine, which at time of writing we have only done about 600 miles on.  It rides very differently to a solo bike, so is taking some getting used to, but we cannot wait, we have been packing and repacking for weeks.


For the Americas trip, the most important items for us to be taking are a full and comprehensive first aid kit, including a huge supply of malaria tablets, and an entire pannier of tools, spare inner tubes, a jack, air compressor, emergency jump pack for starting the bike etc etc.


So far this year, we have become pin cushions, having the various courses of injections required to immunise us for:

Hepatitis A & B






Yellow Fever


Other preperations have been to obtain a six month U.S visa, and International Driving Permit, Travel Insurance covering us for nine months, as we hope to complete the entire journey within that time.


Please check back here often to see where we've got to...........


21.02.2017 10:41

Hilary Garstang

What a trip, glad you are home safe and sound.
Will I see you back swimming Rachel?

09.10.2016 00:54

Dan Ginn

Hello Paul and Rachael, Dan here from Topaz Lake. Hope your having a wonderful trip. If you are ever back in the Ebbetts Pass area your welcome to come stay at my cabin up there. Cheers!

05.10.2016 00:17


Love the pic at Watsonian garage --- and so glad you made it to Medicine Hat....great blog! Have fun in Mexico.

05.10.2016 00:49

Rachel & Paul

Thanks David, it was great chatting to you. Maybe see you in Mexico, take care of Mr Magic

05.08.2016 15:26

Mona Hiebert

Greetings from Tim & Mona. We made it back to California on Thurs, Aug 3. We truly enjoyed meeting you at the East Glacier exit and look forward to your posts. Safe travels.

24.08.2016 17:23

Rachel & Paul

Hi Mona and Tim, sorry, only just saw this! Glad you got back home safely. It was great meeting you, hope you enjoy the blog. Safe travels x

28.07.2016 21:09


Needs lots of feedback on Glacier National Park as we are going there next year, please!! Keep on biking!! Glad you are enjoying the big outdoors in the U.S!

30.07.2016 04:46

Rachel & Paul

I've done my best Mark, in the blog- hope you like it

26.07.2016 22:18


This is fantastic! What a great pleasure to meet you two at Big Sky Motorsports in Missoula, Montana. Such a grand adventure of which I am profoundly and thoroughly jealous.

27.07.2016 03:08

Rachel & Paul

Thanks very much for your enthusiasm and encouragement for our adventure. Big Sky Motorsports did a good job of looking after us and our bike, and if we come back this way, we'll buy you a beer

26.07.2016 13:30

Ian Blacktop

Hi Paul re black hands put hand cream on then put gloves on do this a couple of times to seal the gloves

26.07.2016 17:17

Rachel & Paul

Cheers Ian, I'll try that

26.07.2016 07:20

Ziad Al Wakeel

Hello Paul and Rachel, this is Ziad. We met today at the Garnet Ghost Town. Very nice ride you're doing, wish you the best. If you're path brings you through San Francisco, then be sure to let me know

26.07.2016 17:19

Rachel & Paul

Hi Z, great to meet you yesterday too. Thanks for the invite we'll definitely give you a call if we're near the Golden Gate Bridge

08.07.2016 15:16

Melanie Gleeson Lee

Hello lovely Rachel , and of course Paul, it all looks wonderful, the scenery and friendly people you are meeting but most of all your huge lovely smiles. Lovely!! Xx

11.07.2016 05:10

Rachel & Paul

Thanks Mel! x

04.07.2016 18:38

Uncle John

Have a wonderful time you two.

11.07.2016 05:09

Rachel & Paul

Thanks Uncle John!

03.07.2016 21:20

Bob Clarke ( diggermanbob)

Have fun you guys , looks like a great outfit